Follow-up Study of Student Teaching Experience
-- University Supervisor Evaluation --
Dear Colleague,
    As a way of ascertaining the effectiveness of our teacher training program, we regularly ask for input from individuals who have had contact with Stritch personnel and/or Stritch students. We hope that you will complete this short form evaluating our placement procedures and the effectiveness of our university supervisors in carrying out their roles and responsibilities.
    Please indicate the role you play by checking the appropriate boxes below. Thank you very much for taking the time to complete and submit this form. Your input is very important to us. Thanks you also for your continued cooperation in providing opporunities for students in our teacher preparation programs.
Joan Wirth, Director of Student Placements
Please feel free to comment regarding any of the areas being evaluated.
  For this student teacher, sufficient visits were made by the University Supervisor.
  The University Supervisor was flexible, solved problems and was open to suggestions.
  Sufficient time for conferencing with school personnel was afforded by the University Supervisor.
  Questions regarding the student teaching experience were adequately answered by the university supervisor.
Thank you for your feedback!  
  Would you be willing to host another Cardinal Stritch Student Teacher? If so, which semester is preferable? (Check all that apply)
Thank you for working with Stritch teacher candidates.

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